8 Facts about Women in Tech

Diversity is a key part of the progression and success of a team and women in Tech are bringing diversity, progression and success to the IT world.

Although under represented, women are paving the way and there are notable trail blazers in the world of technology.

We will take a quick look at 8 facts about women in tech; the good, the bad and the ugly.

  1. Female Tech positions are growing 238% faster than their male counterparts. 

Women may have a long way to go but have come such a long way in the tech industry. Through dedication and passion women’s positions in tech continue to grow.

  1. 85% of Women in Tech say that they love their job. 

The passion and love that women have for their jobs and their careers in technology means that they have been able to make the progress that has attributed to the growth rate mentioned in the first point.

  1. 56% of Women in Tech leave their jobs at mid-level position BUT 22% of these women do so to start their own business

There is no way to deny that the playing field in the tech world is unequal. Many women in the industry feel that their position is stifled by gender inequality in hiring of even just workplace culture. However, women in tech are made of stronger stuff. If the environment is not suited to them, they up and move and in 22% create their own environment. Women in tech become problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

  1. 20% of all tech startups across the world are founded by women 

This particular statistic is not one to be getting to excited about but it shows the reality of the situation in tech and in entrepreneurship. What we need to do is support and encourage women tech entrepreneurs and mentor other women and girls in becoming more prominent in these fields.


  1. 17% of the 1.4 Million people in the E.U studying Tech are Women

This statistic, from a survey carried out in 2015, shows again the reality of the inequality in the tech industry. This inequality is detrimental to the recruitment of new females into the industry but also to the future of tech. An industry can only prosper to its full potential learning from diversity in the work force and a proper representation of the population within the discipline.

  1. From 2000=2015,there has been a 21% increase in 1st year college students majoring in Computer Science

Programme and Supports that are put in place to entice and engage young women in STEM, is working. The increase in the percentage of women entering the field and taking tech subjects in college or university is testament to this and so in order to increase equality in tech, this is the way forward. Support, Encourage and Reward.

7. Women prosper in particular position is Tech

The Top Tech Positions that are in the majority occupied with women are:

-Project Managers
-Business Analysts
-QA Tester
-Technical Recruiter

  1. Chicago is a city of female founder

Chicago is the city with the most tech startups by women with 30% present in their society.Women   in tech have a long way to go, but it is also important to take a moment and recognise how far women have come.

Be proud of the achievements and keep blazing those trails.


For more information about women in tech, check out the sources of this article and the programmes available in Cork for Women in Tech.

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